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Choose a Violin Case For Protecting Your Violin From Damage

Violin is one of the most popular stringed musical instruments played by people around the world. Apart from violin there are also other stringed musical instruments like viola, cello guitar that are equally popular among people all over the world. Most of the violinists spend their time in learning to play weber cases or viola but often forget to take good care of their instruments. But if required care is not provided for weber cases it means you are compromising with the quality of your musical instrument. So, despite how low or high your Viola costs, if you want your musical instrument to look better and sound better it is essential for you to take good care of the instrument.

Today you can find a huge variety of Violin Cases and accessories available to choose from. However, only after understanding your violin/viola, you can make a good choice while purchasing a weber cases that help protects your viola from getting damaged. It is best to keep your Viola in its case when not in use. Nowadays, you can shop for viola cases online. However, while shopping for a weber cases online it is important for you to take into consideration few factors like the price at which the case is available and whether the case provides required safety to your Viola or not.

With Christmas just around the corner many people plan on organizing Christmas Party for their loved and dear ones. And it is during this time when people enjoy playing Christmas songs on the weber cases. There are a handful of online sites that offer a variety of weber cases available in different designs among which you can choose a case that best display your treasured instrument. In case you want to ride a bike while carrying your Viola along with you then a weber cases proves to be beneficial for you since you can carry the case on your back as a backpack.

Also, there are sites that provide you with amazingly designed violin cases in which your violin is firmly held in between foam cushions and at the neck by a Velcro strap. In addition, such sites even offer customization facility wherein you can send the material used for designing the interior of your case. For some people violin is a lifetime treasure that they want to secure, and that can be possible just by providing a little care by purchasing a violin case, which help prevents the instrument from various hazards. Selection of a violin case depends on the size of violin as there is different type of violin cases for different sizes of violin.

Cd And Dvd Covers As An Art

It all began with the rise of the music industry in the latter part of the 20th century. Popular music started hitting the charts of each continent and so did the demand for albums that are not only noted for the quality of music they contained, but worth keeping in a collection because of its unique design. Thus, CD and DVD cover design evolved into an art in itself, as it became a medium of artistic expression. In fact, it became more than an artistic expression, but a means of building a name for the artist itself, aside from the musician or the record label itself.

CD and DVD cover design is basically a sub-field in graphic design. A method of visual communication, it uses the elements of texts and images to present or represent information. In this case, what are being represented is the record company and the musician, not to mention, the cover designer himself. This is why it is considered an effective way of advertising. For the recording company and musician, it inevitably opens the opportunity for better representation to consumers. For the cover designer, it makes room for more clients asking you to have their albums designed. While this means revenue, it also has its own set of challenges.

One challenge is creating a work environment wherein artist and musician meet both standards and agree on a design when contradictions surface. There are times when a musician and a record label want to set and create a certain mood in the album cover. But sometimes, a freethinking artist would have a contrasting idea to the original design presented to him or her by the musician. One solution to resolve this conflict is by drawing a consensus between CD and DVD cover designer and musician. Being both artists in their own fields of specialization, both is sure to understand the integrity involved in such work. Letting the graphics sing in tune with the theme is a sure way to start this.

Thematic unity aside from understanding between musician and cover artist is usually based on the mood and content of the album. Every talented album artist knows that. Every album artist also knows that themes are best generated from content. This is the only to get approved by a record label or musician whom an artist have to convince first that the or she really knows what he or she is doing. This is an important consideration to make when we realize that most of the time, album artists have a false preoccupation of artistic compromises, without even realizing that sometimes, art requires a kind of sacrifice, which is a sign of an artist’s discipline.

In this way, album art could be rightfully called an art. Craftsmanship is no longer a problem in this computer age, too. With the invention of more advanced graphic design softwares, tools to create one’s original and to express one’s ingenuity is made more easy. With such things available at the artists’ creative use, possibilities in album art as well as on its financial side have become open. In a way, CD and DVD covers can really be considered art.

Amy Winehouse: Marriage To Blake Over

Bothered, beehived songstress Amy Winehouse admitted that her marriage is over and done with. The 25-year-old multi-Grammy award winner, who wed on-off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil in May of 2007, has had a rough, drug-addled year dealing with their relationship. Fielder-Civil had recently earned an early release from prison, wherein he was serving a 27-month sentence for bribery and violence. Currently, he has swapped Winehouse for blonde German model Sophie Schandorff, and Winehouse has since had nothing but biting words on the state of their marriage.

?It?s over,? the Back to Black singer said of their 17-month union. ?There?s no way back for us now. It was never going to last. We were only together for sex. I fancied him like mad, like no one else I?ve ever known. But it?s not enough, is it??
A pal of Winehouse?s had also divulged details of the pair?s sexual activities, which were highly excessive and involved plenty of hard drugs. Their abusive intimate life even involved sex romps with other women.

?They were into threesomes. It was Blake?s idea, but Amy said she?d been with women before, so it wasn?t a problem. She said she?s had a string of female lovers. Whenever Blake said he wanted three-in-a-bed, Amy would fix it.
?They didn?t care about sharing themselves with others because it turned them on. They thought they were on this sexual journey together. And the pair of them were into some really kinky stuff, not just the usual bondage and sex games but really gross stuff you couldn?t mention in a newspaper.

?Amy said that was the basis for their relationship. It was built on sex, so when he went inside prison there was nothing for them to fall back on. She?s not been to see Blake since he came out, and she?s had loads of opportunities. Without their rampant sex life, they?ve got nothing, it seems.

They were bad for each other, each pushing the other to excess, whether drugs or sex. Plus he sponged off her. And she?s awake to that now.?

Learn To Sing Online – Taking Control Of A Gift

The age old question of whether a person is born a singer or learns to sing can readily be answered through singing software. Those looking to learn to sing online have found that there are many types of software, vocal coaches and other tools that can help them in their journey. The internet is used to deliver a variety of instruction, education and now singing lessons. Vocal coaches and other professionals also provide lessons, tips and techniques to help just about anyone to learn to sing. The only rule or restriction with online lessons is that the person be able to speak! That’s right, speak! That proves the point that anyone can learn to sing and create beautiful music, it just takes the want too!

Singing lessons can give a person the insight and techniques that they need to become a successful singer. Just like any other sport or talent it does not fall in the persons lap. They must first learn the basics, and then continue perfecting their talent. This is all offered through online lessons and singing software.

Most people believe that if they are not born with a natural talent to sing that they are simply doomed. This is not true and in fact many professional singers were accidentally stumbled upon, not even realizing that they could sing. Online lessons can teach a person how to express themselves through their voice, control their voice and make sounds mesh with the melody. Granted learning to sing online is no walk in the park and it takes as much or more dedication than learning in any brick and mortar office. For those that are serious about wanting to learn to sing or enhance their voice, online lessons work great.

Learn To Play Songs On Guitar

Being able to express yourself and entertain others musically is a wonderful contribution to any gathering or party. A guitar is one of the best instruments you can learn to play not only because it is easy to transport, but also because you can teach yourself many well known, easy-to-play tunes. Teaching yourself to play the guitar is not impossible. Within just a couple of weeks of dedicated practice, you?ll begin to see vast improvements in your playing.

If you have never played a guitar, it is essential that you learn some fundamentals before you begin learning to play melodies. The first fundamental point is to learn how to properly hold the guitar. In your first musical lesson with any instructor, you would learn the same thing. What is important, before you can start playing songs, is that you hold the guitar in such a way that the sound is maximized and not hindered by an improper hold.

You?ll need to play the guitar either sitting down or standing up. If you begin with small audiences, you will have to learn to play standing up. But, for now, sitting down is the optimal way to learn, as novice players usually do not practice upright. When sitting down with the guitar, make sure that it rests comfortably and easily on your lap. Make sure your arms do not block the oval or circular hole on the head of the guitar. Additionally, make sure your arms encircle the instrument without holding it too tight. In other words, keep your body relaxed and the bulk of your arms from blocking the instrument?s sound potential.

Next, it is important to know basic hand and finger positioning. The left hand is generally used as the note or fret hand. This hand is used to hold the strings in such a manner that notes are strummed in a certain chord. The fingers and thumb work actively and succinctly. The wrist is bent upward in such a way that you are still able to grip the neck of the guitar with your thumb, but still have plenty of leeway to allow your fingers to move about freely and quickly. Eventually, with more practice and time, you will be able to hold a chord without much thought.

As you practice, make sure not to squeeze the strings against the fret too hard. If you can?t seem to get a chord to sound right, you might try adjusting your technique. Too many new guitar players think that they have to squeeze the strings against the frets in order to make the sound perfect. In actuality, it is better to hold the string snug against the fret with calloused you have these fundamentals down, you are ready to begin playing some basic chords. If you want to teach yourself quickly and accurately, you?ll have to start out slowly. However, some songs can be easy and quite fun to learn. A couple of these are Mary Had a Little Lamb and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Furthermore, you?ll see that the guitar is not that difficult of an instrument to play. The old adage of ?practice makes perfect? holds true, especially for those learning to strum along to their favorite tunes.

A Guitarist Guide To Surviving The Gig From Hell!


Joe is a lead guitarist in a covers / remake band. He is a good guitarist and cool under pressure. He plays for a band called the Psycho Nymphos. They are a five piece band with two guitarist, keys, bass and drums. The other guitarist also doubles as the singer. Yet this is Joe?s nightmare. As a guitarist, this scenario should induce uncontrollable trembling of all body parts and have you soiling your underwear. This, is the gig from hell.

Thinking that he starts at 10:00, Joe shows up at the venue with two hours to spare. Well, it would be two hours to spare, but Joe got given the wrong information. The Band is due to start at 8:30 and Joe hasn?t even unpacked his gear yet, let alone set up. They had been trying to call Joe on his phone, but it was switched off. Joe, keeping cool, unpacks his car in a hurry and somehow manages to get everything set up only 10 minutes late. The crowd is getting restless and the bar manager is furious. Joe is keeping his cool.

No sooner than finishing his finally tune up, the Nymphos start. After another minute of working out what song to play, the Nymphos kick off their first song. It sounds terrible, with Joe?s guitar to quiet and bass guitar too loud. The band plays the song half heartedly while they adjust levels and try to get things right. The crowd is wondering what the hell is going on, and the bar manager is wondering who the hell he hired and why. Joe is a little frustrated.

After standing around working out what to play next, the band begins the second song as suggested by the drummer. This one sounds better until the first chorus. Half way through the first chorus? TWANG?. Joe busts a string. Joe makes do for the time being until the solo, when he realizes that the guitar solo is going to be somewhat difficult with only 5 strings. Joe fumbles his way through until the end of the song. Joe is very embarrassed.

The band stands around for a minute or two while Joe replaces the broken string. Once that is done they kick off into the next song. This one goes OK, and the crowd seems to be getting into it a little bit more. The bar manager is starting to relax, and Joe is starting to enjoy himself.

In fact, everyone is enjoying themselves. And their beers. A little too much. The Nymphos are starting to get a little sloppy and starting to miss cues. Especially the singer. He is starting to miss when he is supposed to be coming in, and slurring words. While the boys in the band are finding it hilarious, the crowd are not. Joe is starting to get tipsy.

The next song Joe?s guitar starts making funny noises, and the sound starts cutting out. Eventually Joe?s guitar disappears. He randomly stomps on some pedals and realizes that there is no power. He was sure those 9 volt batteries were still good. Joe unplugs his guitar lead from the pedal board and plugs it straight into his amp. Joe is getting angry, just like the crowd and the bar manager.

Two songs from the end, the stage goes black. All the amps turn off and all that can be heard is the drummer pounding away. After a few seconds all of the Nymphos are standing around, looking stupid wondering what is going on. About 30 seconds later, the power returns. The band chats quickly and decides to start the song again. This time they get through it all. They play there last song the few remaining patrons, pack up, pick up their cheque and leave the bar, never to return.

Could it get any worse for Joe and his band, the Psycho Nymphos? I doubt it. But they could have survived all of these problems by being prepared. It may seem insurmountable, but I have played a gig where nearly all of this happened in one night, and we survived. It?s all preparation. This is what you need to do to survive this nightmare.


There is no excuse to be late to a gig. With today?s modern communications technology, everyone has the potential to be contactable all of the time. Even if Joe got the time wrong, a simple phone call would have solved all the problems. However, it is always a great idea for a band to meet at a central location at some point before a show, and travel together ?convoy? style if possible. This is a sure fire way to make sure everyone arrives on time, doesn?t get lost, or can get assistance if something does go wrong.

The spill over effect of this is that when you arrive on time, you can take your time and set up properly, sound check, as well as check your equipment for problems and in general, relax before the show starts.


Unless you are some freeform jam rock improv jazz type thing, you need to know what you are going to play. Every member of the band should know what song is coming next so they can prepare for it without having to debate first what song to play in the first place. Have a set list in sight for every member of the band. Know in advance what songs may require guitar changes or change of tuning so that you don?t kick off the tune until everyone is ready. Moments like that are easily filled with some banter, usually between the singer and the audience.


It?s not always possible, but you should aim to have a backup guitar ready to go at all times. This is especially true for a band with two guitarists like the Nymphos. With the second guitarist still playing, and your backup guitar primed for playing, it is more than feasible to switch guitars mid song. It takes about 10 seconds and looks very professional. Even if you are the only guitarist, depending on the song you can sometimes get away with it as well. However sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get through it. Once the song is over you can grab you backup guitar and play the rest of the set without keeping everyone hanging around while you change a string. Change it between sets or if you only have one set then don?t bother.

If you can?t keep a spare guitar handy and need to change strings, have some backup material. This applies to all band members. You should have a song that can be played when any member of the band is incapacitated. Then any running repairs can be made while the rest of the band covers.


It doesn?t matter what you think, you do not sound better when you are smashed. Sure, maybe to your ears, but not to mine or anyone else?s. A few years ago, I remember playing a huge New Years Eve show where there were two bands. There was us playing inside, and the main band playing on the outside stage. The other band I had seen many times before and they were great. In fact they were one of the most popular bands to play this particular venue. In between sets, they were heading up to their rooms, getting stoned and drunk, then coming back down to play their set is a semi comatose state. We were inside, enjoying a few drinks between sets and keeping it together. Our sets overlapped slightly and by the end of the night, whenever both bands were playing, inside was packed and outside the other band was ignored. The following year, we were asked back to play New Years again as the only band. In fact after that New Years gig we were booked regularly to play both nights of the weekend every month (think about that for a second, we were booked for 25% of that venues available shows). It may be fun to get tanked and play, but it won?t get you anywhere.


To this day I still cannot believe people run their effects off batteries. It is just a disaster waiting to happen. Sure, I have batteries in my pedals that I swap out every few months. But they are the BACKUP for when some drunken idiot in the crowd falls onto the stage and pulls out a power lead or something similar. Or perhaps you accidentally leave a cable plugged in between sets and the battery drains on you. If you do need to run off battery, work out how long they last and change the battery in half that time. This should help avoid unwanted failures at critical times, and make sure you have extra batteries.

By the way, have you ever heard the sound a Tube Screamer makes when it?s failing? It?s awful.


There is not a lot you can do about this but ride it out. Although it?s not as bad as it sounds. When a venue looses power, you can be sure it will be up in less than minute unless something MAJOR has gone wrong, in which case the venue will normally shut if it is a building wide blackout. So for the next 60 seconds, what do you do? It?s easy. Nobody stops. The entire band keeps playing. The singer goes to the front of the stage and starts yelling the lyrics at the crowd. I am yet to see this not work. The crowd will start singing back. When the power kicks back in the band hasn?t missed a beat and the crowd will go crazy. It is slick and professional and will fire up the crowd for the rest of the night.

If it goes over the 60 seconds just finish the song and wait. Not much more you can do, but at least you tried.


If you are prepared and use common sense, you can cope with any disaster. I personally have had all these issues, besides the drunken stupidity, happen in one night, and we survived by having an escape plan and sticking to it. It?s not that hard to come up with your own emergency escape route, and I hope these examples can inspire you to be even more gig ready.

Learn And Master Drums Review: Another Home Run For Legacy Learning Systems?

The Learn And Master Drums course is designed to guide you through the very basics of setting up the drumset to expert playing techniques including improvising over popular songs in several styles of music.

Who Will Benefit Most From This Drum Lesson Course?

This lesson dvd set is geared for anyone, from young adults and older, that has a dream to master all facets of the drums. This includes first time beginners through intermediate drummers that wish to expand and polish their playing skills.

About The Instructor Dann Sherrill

Dann Sherrill has performance and production credits with Steve Winwood, Michael English, Percy Sledge just to mention a few. Dan is also an experienced and passionate instructor. His resume includes teaching advanced college students at several universities.

The Physical Parts

Learn And Master Drums comes with 13 video lesson DVDs, 5 play-along CDs containing well known popular songs, a 100 page lesson book and a protective case to store them all in one place. The styles of Drumming covered are Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz and Latin.

The Positives

1. You?ll play popular songs right away.

2. The lessons include guided video practice sessions with the author. You are not left on your own to guess what to do during practice time. Dann not only teaches you how to practice but also demonstrates exactly how a professional does it during his play-along practice sessions.

3. The after purchase support program includes an online resource center where Dann Sherrill will answer questions. You also have access to chatting with other students as well as many other extra drum related downloads.

The Cost Analysis

The Price is $249 USD, (as of this writing ), and includes all of the items mentioned above.

Learn And Master Drums with Dann Sherrill contains the equivalent of one year of lessons if you were to space them out as if you were taking lessons from a local drum teacher. A local instructor typically will charge anywhere from $20 to $50 per weekly lesson. Your minimum cost, ( not including materials ), at only $20 per lesson for 12 months would be at least $1040.

The choice comes down to the Learn and Master Drums DVD course at $249 or a local instructor at $1040.


If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it within sixty (60) days for a full refund of the purchase price.

The Bottom Line

I have to admit that I am prejudiced in favor of the Legacy learning Systems lesson programs for instrumental music. I had been stuck as a low level intermediate guitar player for 40 years and desperately wanted to break out of my rut but I just didn?t have the time or money for the traditional live instructor. Since I acquired the Learn and Master Guitar series I have been absolutely thrilled with the fast results.

Dann Sherrill’s drum lesson course follows the same well thought out format that was so effective for me with the guitar program. The formula includes a nationally renowned professional musician teaching and practicing with the student in full video. And all of this fun takes place in the convenience of home anytime day or night that suits your fancy.

So for these reasons I can unhesitatingly recommend Learn and Master Drums.

Why Beats by Dre Headphones Are The Ultimate in Superior Music Hearing?

For anyone seriously into music, the likeliness for attaining best quality sound is inevitable. In addition to having the grandeur experience while listening to music, you certainly want to listen to them on the move. Furthermore, the ease of carrying your music wherever you travel is also alluring. If you’re one such a person, then you would like to learn about Dr Dre headphones. These are one of the most popular and among the best innovative products these days. The popular beats headphone is created by the company Monster that provides the best quality media experience for users. Over the past few years, beats has conquered the market for headphones having beaten competitors like Sony and Pioneer. So, the question arises that what are the key aspects that makes beats the most efficient brand of headphones for consumers.Beats by Dr Dre from headphone sale store is one of the most efficient headphone varieties that can be used. These provide some exciting features which deliver quality sounds, high in clarity and accuracy. The Pro models from the product line are recognized by silver caskets around the ears with thick white/black padding around the top region. These are highly comfortable, providing users with extensive support to prevent the headphones from slipping off. Beats by dre come with superior features that are especially created with music listeners in mind. The ear cups are made of quality thick foam materials that cancel out exterior noises efficiently. These are made from materials that are not only comfortable but can be removed and washed easily whenever required.

Users can handle intense sounds as these headphones are easy to the ear. So, not much pressure is required to attain quality sounds from the products. In fact one of the greatest features of the headphones is the inclusion of added frequencies, which improves the way how sounds are being played. There is no amplification of sound cancelation features that are involved. This essentially means that sounds that are being played can easily be heard in their entirety without losing the music at all. The frequencies created are achieved by mixing the cumulative responses together to ensure that users attain proper frequency when hearing music. Thus true life sounds are generated that resemble to music that can be heard in a studio. Wires that come out of the beats headphone can handle about 1.5 to 3.5mm stereo sounds. In fact, the red colours on the wire are clearly noticeable that makes these products lot more interesting.

In fact, several mobile companies cheap beats by dre are installing beats by dre UK in their handsets, which is quite visible among such manufacturers in the UK. The cable beats by dre UK port features is yet again one such exclusive features that is unique to the product line. The headphone cable enters one of the ear cups while another reaches an output that allows sounds to be played on other devices. Beats from Dr Dye are one of the highest quality headphones that are quite interesting to use. Anyone looking for cheap beats by dre can resort to online stores that offer a galore of styles and models to choose. The range is absolutely stunning which will certainly appeal to those who prefer quality music.

Songs And Lyrics From Television?s Greatest Show: Favorite Euphony From American Idol

Fox Television?s American Idol is undeniably television?s Most Boastful show nowadays. It has embodying the broadest rated show for the utmost seven years, collecting paygrade that otherwise shows cannot even corresponding. Mayhap this is because the show fuses two common interests of someones: music and drama. Because of this, American Idol has a very deep natural endowment pool?from Grammy Award winners to Oscar Award recipients. Here?s a feel at some of the Vocals that American Idol made Representative over its several years of being on the air. These would let in novel music and Vocals and revived Songs that have Lyrics already sculpted in the consciousness of mortals.

?Because of You,? by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is one of the few American Idol contestants who achieved champion position in the music worldwide. Her list of hits is aplenty, yet nothing capsulizes her achievements better than ?Because of You.? Clarkson is one of the ballad makers who published the Lyrics for this song, and the Lyric Poems of ?Because of You? are decidedly fast for the achiever it come across. Note the Lyric Poems of the vocal, which is not too composite but absolutely illustrates a full range of emotions. ?Because of you / I never stray too far from the sidewalk / Because of you / I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt / Because of you / I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me / Because of you / I am afraid,? goes the Lyric Poems of this hit song. It may take on a spell earlier Clarkson can make music and Lyric Poems as victorious as this.

?Alone,? performed by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, some other prosperous American Idol grad, has graphic and co-written Words for a number of her Songs. However, fans of the show will never forget her take on this General vocal by the band Heart. The Lyrics of this song is typical, specular the Fashionable mode of the Words during the 1980s, when the song was first turned. Yet the Lyric Poems of ?Alone? and its universal penning are on-line adequate to exist a revival. Many say that Underwood?s delimiting moment in the song was when she executed this song.

?Home,? by Chris Daughtry

While he didn?t win the contender, Chris Daughtry is already dealt as an prescribed musician. In fact, less than a year after his stint in American Idol, he already published a hit song, ?Home,? the Words of which he composed. The Lyrics of this song has sensitive, avid feel, decent its title and its music. Because of the Words (and the ace of the song, of course), it was used as an release vocal in one of the American Idol flavours.

?The Time of My Life,? David Cook

The first single of American Idol victors is much met with literary criticism. David Cook?s ?The Time of My Life? is no unusual. With Lyric Poems such as ?I’ve representing waiting for my dreams / To turn into something / I could believe in / And looking for that / Magic rainbow / On the horizon ,? it feels as if it is from a Disney Flick soundtrack. Yet, Mayhap because of the song and the Words? charm, as well as Cook?s popularity, ?The Time of My Life? became one of the Biggest original Vocals from the record.

Accelerate Your Guitar Playing

First, define your objectives and determine your approach. These objectives may change as you progress, but a goal is important before starting to play the guitar.

Begin by forming good study habits. Part of your study will be physical performance and part will be mentally engaged in the study of theory, listening to recordings, tapes and the radio, watching television, Internet and watching live performances. You will be talking to other guitarists, students and professionals, studying in classes and with private teachers and of course via online guitar courses, guitar training software etc. You will also be improvising. All of these activities will give you valuable information and experience, increase your skill, broaden your scope and develop your insights. Keep an open mind and learn something from everyone you meet if it is not what to do!

The following suggestions should help you in your study and practice:

Never practice or study when you are tired or worried. Relax a bit before you begin. If possible study in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. Have a music stand adjusted to your eye level when you practice, and make sure that you always have good light. Form the habit of studying in a regular place and at a regular time.

Several short study practice periods on successive days are usually better than one lengthy period of study. A little study every day is better than spasmodic, inconsistent study. Use various ways of making yourself think about what you are studying. If you are looking at a printed page of notes, try to imagine them on a guitar finger board and vice versa.

Form the habit of mentally reviewing every page of music you study before going on to the next one. See how much of it you can recall and try to remember it. When you have learned something make use of it as soon as you can. The sooner and more often, the better. If you have learned fingerings for a few new chords so that you can play them even slowly, make up an exercise or song that involves these chords and has you shifting from one chord to another often. It is not enough to learn about something. Unless you utilize this information it does not become a part of you.

When you have completed a reasonable amount of material, take time to summarize what you have covered. You may want to write your summary. Keep a good music dictionary handy, and use it frequently. When you have discovered the meaning of a new word or term, use it yourself.

Self Study

To correct poor study conditions, consider thoughtfully each of the questions below and write specific answers to each one. Then decide what you can do to correct each of the things wrong with your study conditions. Make notes of these and correct them.

1. What can you see on your desk, music stand, or through your window that distracts you?

2. What music, talking or other noises are disturbing your practice and study?

3. What is wrong with your position or posture when you practice or study?

4. Are you sure your lighting is adequate? What is wrong with it?

5. Is your work space large enough and arranged well?

6. What materials do you lack for effect study?

7. What time of day is most difficult to practice or study? Why?

8. What worries or special interests divert you from studying?

Effective methods of practicing or studying, of themselves, will not suffice. Careful planning also is essential. Lay out your work systematically before you begin. Each individual’s time, facilities and desires are personal matters. Just be sure to adopt some plan and stick to it as conscientiously as possible.