Anokis Free Video Clip Library

We invite you to browse our unique and quickly growing Free Video Clip Library,servicing advertising agencies, corporate clients, broadcast television and individuals worldwide. Whether you are looking for that single perfect shot or a complete collection, Anokis Free Video Clip Library is the perfect addition to your stock footage library.

Unlike other companies producing Video Clip Library today, Anokis Productions team consists of professional artists who have traditional video making backgrounds. This means our video clips are created by artists rather than technicians, and gives us an invaluable edge over video production competition. This is not quickly lifted footage from the previous shoots, but specifically videoed clips for each collection.

Our mission is to create unique and useful digital media for TV commercial production, entertainment, media, film production, music video production, corporate video production, multimedia production and individual production. Anokis team of creative professional is dedicated to provide you with the exact footage that you need in a timely manner and at a price well within your budget.

You are just a few clicks away from discovering a complete and affordable video clip collection of High Definition Video Clip Library for all types of productions including corporate videos, web-based presentations, museum installations, educational and industrial productions and other video editing needs.

New footage is continuously being added to our collections and our efficient and friendly staff will help you to find the ideal footage for your project. Video Clip Library offered in DV Quality, in QuickTime format.

Please contact us what your budget is, and we’ll tell you what we can do for you! Visit Us
Anokis Productions [] eliminates the middleman by offering all digital Audio Recording, Video Production capabilities and Video Clip Library under one roof. We can fulfill all your specific requirements, strict budgets and tight deadlines.

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