Learn And Master Drums Review: Another Home Run For Legacy Learning Systems?

The Learn And Master Drums course is designed to guide you through the very basics of setting up the drumset to expert playing techniques including improvising over popular songs in several styles of music.

Who Will Benefit Most From This Drum Lesson Course?

This lesson dvd set is geared for anyone, from young adults and older, that has a dream to master all facets of the drums. This includes first time beginners through intermediate drummers that wish to expand and polish their playing skills.

About The Instructor Dann Sherrill

Dann Sherrill has performance and production credits with Steve Winwood, Michael English, Percy Sledge just to mention a few. Dan is also an experienced and passionate instructor. His resume includes teaching advanced college students at several universities.

The Physical Parts

Learn And Master Drums comes with 13 video lesson DVDs, 5 play-along CDs containing well known popular songs, a 100 page lesson book and a protective case to store them all in one place. The styles of Drumming covered are Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz and Latin.

The Positives

1. You?ll play popular songs right away.

2. The lessons include guided video practice sessions with the author. You are not left on your own to guess what to do during practice time. Dann not only teaches you how to practice but also demonstrates exactly how a professional does it during his play-along practice sessions.

3. The after purchase support program includes an online resource center where Dann Sherrill will answer questions. You also have access to chatting with other students as well as many other extra drum related downloads.

The Cost Analysis

The Price is $249 USD, (as of this writing ), and includes all of the items mentioned above.

Learn And Master Drums with Dann Sherrill contains the equivalent of one year of lessons if you were to space them out as if you were taking lessons from a local drum teacher. A local instructor typically will charge anywhere from $20 to $50 per weekly lesson. Your minimum cost, ( not including materials ), at only $20 per lesson for 12 months would be at least $1040.

The choice comes down to the Learn and Master Drums DVD course at $249 or a local instructor at $1040.


If you are not satisfied for any reason, simply return it within sixty (60) days for a full refund of the purchase price.

The Bottom Line

I have to admit that I am prejudiced in favor of the Legacy learning Systems lesson programs for instrumental music. I had been stuck as a low level intermediate guitar player for 40 years and desperately wanted to break out of my rut but I just didn?t have the time or money for the traditional live instructor. Since I acquired the Learn and Master Guitar series I have been absolutely thrilled with the fast results.

Dann Sherrill’s drum lesson course follows the same well thought out format that was so effective for me with the guitar program. The formula includes a nationally renowned professional musician teaching and practicing with the student in full video. And all of this fun takes place in the convenience of home anytime day or night that suits your fancy.

So for these reasons I can unhesitatingly recommend Learn and Master Drums.

Why Beats by Dre Headphones Are The Ultimate in Superior Music Hearing?

For anyone seriously into music, the likeliness for attaining best quality sound is inevitable. In addition to having the grandeur experience while listening to music, you certainly want to listen to them on the move. Furthermore, the ease of carrying your music wherever you travel is also alluring. If you’re one such a person, then you would like to learn about Dr Dre headphones. These are one of the most popular and among the best innovative products these days. The popular beats headphone is created by the company Monster that provides the best quality media experience for users. Over the past few years, beats has conquered the market for headphones having beaten competitors like Sony and Pioneer. So, the question arises that what are the key aspects that makes beats the most efficient brand of headphones for consumers.Beats by Dr Dre from headphone sale store is one of the most efficient headphone varieties that can be used. These provide some exciting features which deliver quality sounds, high in clarity and accuracy. The Pro models from the product line are recognized by silver caskets around the ears with thick white/black padding around the top region. These are highly comfortable, providing users with extensive support to prevent the headphones from slipping off. Beats by dre come with superior features that are especially created with music listeners in mind. The ear cups are made of quality thick foam materials that cancel out exterior noises efficiently. These are made from materials that are not only comfortable but can be removed and washed easily whenever required.

Users can handle intense sounds as these headphones are easy to the ear. So, not much pressure is required to attain quality sounds from the products. In fact one of the greatest features of the headphones is the inclusion of added frequencies, which improves the way how sounds are being played. There is no amplification of sound cancelation features that are involved. This essentially means that sounds that are being played can easily be heard in their entirety without losing the music at all. The frequencies created are achieved by mixing the cumulative responses together to ensure that users attain proper frequency when hearing music. Thus true life sounds are generated that resemble to music that can be heard in a studio. Wires that come out of the beats headphone can handle about 1.5 to 3.5mm stereo sounds. In fact, the red colours on the wire are clearly noticeable that makes these products lot more interesting.

In fact, several mobile companies cheap beats by dre are installing beats by dre UK in their handsets, which is quite visible among such manufacturers in the UK. The cable beats by dre UK port features is yet again one such exclusive features that is unique to the product line. The headphone cable enters one of the ear cups while another reaches an output that allows sounds to be played on other devices. Beats from Dr Dye are one of the highest quality headphones that are quite interesting to use. Anyone looking for cheap beats by dre can resort to online stores that offer a galore of styles and models to choose. The range is absolutely stunning which will certainly appeal to those who prefer quality music.

Songs And Lyrics From Television?s Greatest Show: Favorite Euphony From American Idol

Fox Television?s American Idol is undeniably television?s Most Boastful show nowadays. It has embodying the broadest rated show for the utmost seven years, collecting paygrade that otherwise shows cannot even corresponding. Mayhap this is because the show fuses two common interests of someones: music and drama. Because of this, American Idol has a very deep natural endowment pool?from Grammy Award winners to Oscar Award recipients. Here?s a feel at some of the Vocals that American Idol made Representative over its several years of being on the air. These would let in novel music and Vocals and revived Songs that have Lyrics already sculpted in the consciousness of mortals.

?Because of You,? by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is one of the few American Idol contestants who achieved champion position in the music worldwide. Her list of hits is aplenty, yet nothing capsulizes her achievements better than ?Because of You.? Clarkson is one of the ballad makers who published the Lyrics for this song, and the Lyric Poems of ?Because of You? are decidedly fast for the achiever it come across. Note the Lyric Poems of the vocal, which is not too composite but absolutely illustrates a full range of emotions. ?Because of you / I never stray too far from the sidewalk / Because of you / I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt / Because of you / I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me / Because of you / I am afraid,? goes the Lyric Poems of this hit song. It may take on a spell earlier Clarkson can make music and Lyric Poems as victorious as this.

?Alone,? performed by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, some other prosperous American Idol grad, has graphic and co-written Words for a number of her Songs. However, fans of the show will never forget her take on this General vocal by the band Heart. The Lyrics of this song is typical, specular the Fashionable mode of the Words during the 1980s, when the song was first turned. Yet the Lyric Poems of ?Alone? and its universal penning are on-line adequate to exist a revival. Many say that Underwood?s delimiting moment in the song was when she executed this song.

?Home,? by Chris Daughtry

While he didn?t win the contender, Chris Daughtry is already dealt as an prescribed musician. In fact, less than a year after his stint in American Idol, he already published a hit song, ?Home,? the Words of which he composed. The Lyrics of this song has sensitive, avid feel, decent its title and its music. Because of the Words (and the ace of the song, of course), it was used as an release vocal in one of the American Idol flavours.

?The Time of My Life,? David Cook

The first single of American Idol victors is much met with literary criticism. David Cook?s ?The Time of My Life? is no unusual. With Lyric Poems such as ?I’ve representing waiting for my dreams / To turn into something / I could believe in / And looking for that / Magic rainbow / On the horizon ,? it feels as if it is from a Disney Flick soundtrack. Yet, Mayhap because of the song and the Words? charm, as well as Cook?s popularity, ?The Time of My Life? became one of the Biggest original Vocals from the record.

Accelerate Your Guitar Playing

First, define your objectives and determine your approach. These objectives may change as you progress, but a goal is important before starting to play the guitar.

Begin by forming good study habits. Part of your study will be physical performance and part will be mentally engaged in the study of theory, listening to recordings, tapes and the radio, watching television, Internet and watching live performances. You will be talking to other guitarists, students and professionals, studying in classes and with private teachers and of course via online guitar courses, guitar training software etc. You will also be improvising. All of these activities will give you valuable information and experience, increase your skill, broaden your scope and develop your insights. Keep an open mind and learn something from everyone you meet if it is not what to do!

The following suggestions should help you in your study and practice:

Never practice or study when you are tired or worried. Relax a bit before you begin. If possible study in a quiet place where you can be undisturbed. Have a music stand adjusted to your eye level when you practice, and make sure that you always have good light. Form the habit of studying in a regular place and at a regular time.

Several short study practice periods on successive days are usually better than one lengthy period of study. A little study every day is better than spasmodic, inconsistent study. Use various ways of making yourself think about what you are studying. If you are looking at a printed page of notes, try to imagine them on a guitar finger board and vice versa.

Form the habit of mentally reviewing every page of music you study before going on to the next one. See how much of it you can recall and try to remember it. When you have learned something make use of it as soon as you can. The sooner and more often, the better. If you have learned fingerings for a few new chords so that you can play them even slowly, make up an exercise or song that involves these chords and has you shifting from one chord to another often. It is not enough to learn about something. Unless you utilize this information it does not become a part of you.

When you have completed a reasonable amount of material, take time to summarize what you have covered. You may want to write your summary. Keep a good music dictionary handy, and use it frequently. When you have discovered the meaning of a new word or term, use it yourself.

Self Study

To correct poor study conditions, consider thoughtfully each of the questions below and write specific answers to each one. Then decide what you can do to correct each of the things wrong with your study conditions. Make notes of these and correct them.

1. What can you see on your desk, music stand, or through your window that distracts you?

2. What music, talking or other noises are disturbing your practice and study?

3. What is wrong with your position or posture when you practice or study?

4. Are you sure your lighting is adequate? What is wrong with it?

5. Is your work space large enough and arranged well?

6. What materials do you lack for effect study?

7. What time of day is most difficult to practice or study? Why?

8. What worries or special interests divert you from studying?

Effective methods of practicing or studying, of themselves, will not suffice. Careful planning also is essential. Lay out your work systematically before you begin. Each individual’s time, facilities and desires are personal matters. Just be sure to adopt some plan and stick to it as conscientiously as possible.

Finding a Ukulele Store

The ukulele is a member of the guitar family. Like the guitar, ukuleles can either be plucked or strummed. There are four types of ukuleles depending on their size: soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. The largest of which is the baritone. It has similar tuning as the first four stings of the guitar. If you have found interest in the ukulele, it might be helpful to know that you can find a ukulele store online. But because of the number of stores that are available, you might have some difficulty in selecting one. So here are some tips on finding a ukulele store.

The first thing you need to find is a ukulele store that specializes mainly in ukuleles. While there are a lot of stores that carry other instruments, specialized stores have more knowledge and usually more choices when it comes to ukuleles. These stores may also carry other tools or accessories that you might need for ukuleles. These include strings, ukulele cases, tuners and books and CD’s related to ukuleles.

If you are looking for a ukulele store online, find one which has articles about the different brands and types of ukuleles that they carry. This will give you an idea of the quality of the ukuleles that they have for sale. Also, make sure that the website you are looking at is organized and easy to navigate. This means that you will not have difficulty in finding the ukulele that you are looking for. Also check for actual pictures of their products. Unlike personally going to a ukulele store you will not be able to hold or test the ukulele. It is best to at least take a good look at the features and aesthetics of the ukulele that you are going to buy.

Finally, check if the ukulele store you are buying from is reliable. Some online stores also have a place where you can look at the guitar. Ask other people if they have heard of the store and what kinds of feedback they have. Do not be afraid to compare the prices of the ukuleles. Different stores usually have different prices. However, the range should be close. So if a ukulele is too cheap, ask first if there are any defects or damages to the ukulele. Also, check if the payment terms and courier that they use is verified.

Casio Ctk 700 Keyboard: Ideal For Beginners

Are you interested in music and musical instruments? Want to learn how to play the keyboard? If you are a beginner in the field of playing keyboards then the best choice for you will be a Casio keyboard. They are ideal for children and even adults; actually, they are a great keyboard for everyone.

The Casio CTK 700 keyboard is also a great choice for beginners. It is very user friendly and it is easy to learn to play. It also has a bunch of features that makes it all the more wanted. It has 61 keys, which are of full size, and it also comes with a sing along function.

The keyboard has on screen icons and a feature, which displays the musical information on screen. It has an inbuilt volume controller as well as microphone input jack. This keyboard comes with a step lesson feature, which will help you to learn how to play the correct notes on the keyboard. There are two speakers built into the keyboard and both are almost 10 centimeters in size.

There is a volume control for the microphone. There is a song bank controller, which can perform various functions like play or pause, stop, forward and reverse when playing songs.

The Casio CTK 700 has as many as 100 songs, which are built in, and there are 100 different kinds of rhythms like jazz, rock and dance. It also has different sounding tones such as guitar, piano, percussion and brass.

If you get an adapter with the keyboard then you will not require batteries, the adapter costs only $14.99. You can also add a sustain pedal which will allow you to sustain notes while you play.

What to Look Out For When Choosing an Online Mastering Studio?

So you or your band is ready to enjoy some online mastering services to get your sounds as good as possible before they are released to your all important listeners. Here are some great pointers that will help ensure that you choose a good studio as opposed to some of the less professional ones out there.

Computer In A Music Studio

Your computer is the main cog in the clockwork of a home studio. A slow or outdated computer can lead to latency issues, the inability to run current professional audio-editing software, small insufficient RAM, no hard-drive space to put your gigantic .wavs and multiple MP3s on and much more. A computer running on windows may crash, leaving all unsaved date gone from existence and even some saved date corrupted and therefore gone. The pros about a windows computer is that most multi-track software and other programs you may want to add only works for windows. Mac and Linux both run on the highly stable platform of Unix, so a crash is less likely to happen. Actually on since Mac OS X (OS 10) has mac been running on Unix, so make that a consideration. The con about Linux and Mac are that the audio programs you love so much and heard about may not be able to run on these systems or ever (think Adobe Audition).


– Windows 2000 or above, Mac OS 9 or above
– 400MHz Processor (.4 gig)
– 256mb RAM
– CD Burner
– 40 gig Hard Drive

Learning Music Pitfalls — What To Do To Overcome The Learning Pitfalls And Regain Your Enthusiasm

The Struggle

Will you struggle to learn music? Of course you will. That is what learning is all about. It’s a journey and it takes time to get there. The pitfall is in how you allow yourself to be controlled as you get there. Some ride in cars, others have to walk. But the journey is the same. Don’t let the time pitfall be the factor that discourages you.

As an adult, I first started to learn to play the piano. I set a five year goal and a target to be able to play a specific song well enough to perform for others. I never let my lack of natural talent dissuade me from learning. I held the belief that I could do it. Yes I ran into a pitfall all the time and still do to this day. Did I make the goal? Yes, without question.

My positive attitude allowed me to use the pitfall as a way to accomplish this in a shorter time and far more than I thought probable.

Gaining Motivation to Continue

What motivated me? I focused on breaking the roadblock down into manageable pieces. Every time I would hit resistance I would simply stop, take a look at a smaller amount of the picture, and slow down the effort until I would start to make progress.

“I must accomplish this now as quickly as I can” is one of those big beliefs that will actually interfere with making progress because you don’t take the extra time to work through the issue. The experience turned out to be very rewarding, building larger sections out of conquering smaller ones.

A recent belief changing exercise reinforced my long held attitudes about learning and accomplishing things. I used the questions based on that exercise to acknowledge that the struggle was a journey to the prize. It’s about knowing that you can overcome the pitfall with the right beliefs.

Taking Action

Start by examining your belief pitfalls that you run into when you practice or try to work on something new. Once identified, you need to first, take that negative belief and turn them into positive ones. You are likely to improve your abilities several fold if you get your beliefs in order.

Acknowledge that when you’re stressed with learning that it is part of the process that allows you to overcome the obstacle of resistance and then reinforces your will power to move forward to the next challenge. Get the bull headed attitude that you will keep working at it until you get it.

Buying Hifi Speakers: High-quality Surround Sound System

In case you are planning to build a high-powered gaming arrangement or a home theatre system then you must be looking for a high-quality surround sound system. Whether you are looking for subwoofers, decoders, multichannel systems, passive or active systems, internet is the best place to find the high quality products at fair prices. Almost all the online stores offer all sorts of speaker systems required for different purposes.

If you have a limited budget then you can also go for used or second-hand speakers as HiFi speakers do not deteriorate with the passage of time. In fact, you will be amazed to see that sometimes used ones perform better than the brand new ones. There are several models available in the market and you can choose in accord with your need and budget. There is a wide variety of HiFi speakers to choose from. You can go for the ones with built-in amplifiers or you purchase the speakers, which do not have integrated amplifiers. Almost all the speakers come with subwoofers incorporated in them.

Buying online allows you to avail several discounts, deals, offers and free gifts that are usually offered at the starting of the year by almost all the online stores and dealers. Just have a look at the catalogues of different online stores so as to see the kind and range of products being offered by them. By visiting different sites you get a chance to compare different products in terms of price, efficiency and quality. Just make sure that you buy only through an authorized dealer. Most of the HIFI speakers come with a warranty period so it?s better to check about it before buying the product. There are a plethora of online stores and hence you need to be careful while making your purchase.

You can also gift HIFI speaker to your near and dear ones. Those who love music, are sure to be pleased with such a remarkable gift.