Guitar Lessons Online: Are They Worth It?

It is quite easy for an individual to become adept at playing the guitar after just a short time. If you figure out the basic guitar chords that everyone uses, you’ll have a good baseline to train yourself on the guitar.

Keith Douglas, a teacher at , agrees with other guitar teachers in the suggestion that total immersion in the guitar should be your beginning point. As part of your immersion in the instrument, you will need to learn the language of the guitar. Find out what finger configurations are necessary to play chords like D or C with chord diagrams. Ten minutes of practice per day will be required, along with regularly listening to some of the world’s accomplished guitar players such as Wes Montgomery and Chet Atkins.

Douglas highly recommends getting a band of your own started. Nothing’s better than collaborating with friends to make music for honing your guitar skills and having fun doing it, regardless of the quality of your body of work. According to the green guitar guy, you want to do what you can to keep your practices from feeling like a job, which can be done by keeping practice time enjoyable and light. It is also helpful, Douglas says, to make a recording of your practices so that you can analyze what areas need a little extra attention.

When you are no longer a novice, you can begin to mimic the guitar riffs in songs on the radio for additional practice. You can build a better grasp of how to play guitar by playing back notes that you have identified from a song you’ve heard. Douglas says that many times individuals get frustrated and quit playing guitar, when they are actually close to the point of making dramatic progress.

If you can manage to play a few songs, that will do wonders for your confidence, and keep you going with your guitar lessons. You can easily learn several simple songs that still sound good, but only require a few chords to memorize. It is a great feeling when you can actually strum through a whole song! For only the price of several private guitar lessons, you can utilize best guitar lessons available on the internet, that are designed to assist you in learning to play the guitar.

Two of the best online learning resources are and . It’s well worth checking them out

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