How to Present Your Voice Over Demo?

You must have definitely heard that old saying which says that “the first impression is your last impression”. Well, when you are planning to become a professional voice over actor, you need to keep that saying in your mind because you might not get a second opportunity to prove yourself.

Many voice professionals go through bad career phase because they could not impress the directors and talent agents when they got the opportunity. When you are ready to approach directors and producers and even talent agents, you need to make sure that you project a good impression in the minds of your employers. Here you can find information on how you can present your voice over demo in a better way to impress your employers:

Length of the Demo

Voice professionals have to understand that they are in a competitive world and any minor mistake can take away the opportunity. Hence, the ideal time for your voice over demo should not be more than 2 minutes.

Producers and directors are too busy with their work and therefore they might not be interested in listening to the demo CD for more than 30 seconds. On the other hand, these people are looking for a great voice and they can judge that in the first 15 seconds since they have been in this field for very long time.

Get Your Files in Order

Many voice professionals believe that they need to put their strongest character demo file first in the list of files to make maximum impact. However, this could ruin the opportunity you have got because producers and interested in hearing your natural voice and not how you sound as a character.

Your first file should have your natural voice for 10 seconds and then use different styles. In other words, you should allow your employer to listen to 3 different styles in next 30 seconds. Do not leave long gaps in between these 10 seconds files because the client is interested in listening to your voice and not the music.

File Format

Most voice over employers are too busy and they search for voice over actors on the internet so the best way to send the file is to stream it online. However, it should still have the CD quality to it. While recording and saving the file you can save it as mp3 format with 128 kbps format which is the recommended format for all voice professionals. Do not send a 10 MB WAV file to your employers that would clog their emails and slow down their systems. This will make a bad impression on the employers and they would look out for someone else that has better presence of mind.

In other words, your voice over demo CD should not go on forever. It should be a small sample of your voice where employers get to here different styles of your voice in few seconds so that they can make their decision and allow you to be a part of their next project.

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