Kala Ukuleles

Kala Ukuleles manufactures a wide variety of instruments, from entry-level to professional quality. Their line includes travel ukuleles designed to be ultra-compact yet still produce a full sound, novelty ukuleles that come in a variety of colors, patterned schemes and interesting designs and ukuleles manufactured from a range of different wood types that offer different tonal qualities as well as variation in the sound of the instruments. In total, there are over 100 separate varieties of ukulele produced by this manufacturer.

Kala Ukuleles has instruments in all the common voices, including soprano, tenor and baritone as well as 6- and 8-string variations of the instruments they produce. Some of the wood choices include acacia, lacewood, koa, curly mango, flame maple, mahogany, and spruce. There are cut-way body versions of some of their instruments which allow easier access to the highest range of frets. There are also electric models of ukulele available having either passive or active pickups. Some of the electric models come with sound equalization electronics built in to the instrument to allow the performer control over their tone. There are left-hand variations on the instruments, as well and a variety of options where finishes are concerned.

Kala Ukuleles also come in novelty varieties. These instruments aren’t designed for concert-level use but are created to make the instruments fun and lively. They include designs such as a watermelon pattern, a kiwi pattern, camouflage paint schemes and a design that looks like a pineapple. Their Makala line of Ukuleles is designed to offer an affordable option for entry-level players or those who simply have a hobby interest in ukuleles and don?t have a need for the higher-end models.

Kala Ukuleles has been in business for over ten years and are well-represented at trade shows. They are among the larger ukulele manufacturers.

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