Learning Music Pitfalls — What To Do To Overcome The Learning Pitfalls And Regain Your Enthusiasm

The Struggle

Will you struggle to learn music? Of course you will. That is what learning is all about. It’s a journey and it takes time to get there. The pitfall is in how you allow yourself to be controlled as you get there. Some ride in cars, others have to walk. But the journey is the same. Don’t let the time pitfall be the factor that discourages you.

As an adult, I first started to learn to play the piano. I set a five year goal and a target to be able to play a specific song well enough to perform for others. I never let my lack of natural talent dissuade me from learning. I held the belief that I could do it. Yes I ran into a pitfall all the time and still do to this day. Did I make the goal? Yes, without question.

My positive attitude allowed me to use the pitfall as a way to accomplish this in a shorter time and far more than I thought probable.

Gaining Motivation to Continue

What motivated me? I focused on breaking the roadblock down into manageable pieces. Every time I would hit resistance I would simply stop, take a look at a smaller amount of the picture, and slow down the effort until I would start to make progress.

“I must accomplish this now as quickly as I can” is one of those big beliefs that will actually interfere with making progress because you don’t take the extra time to work through the issue. The experience turned out to be very rewarding, building larger sections out of conquering smaller ones.

A recent belief changing exercise reinforced my long held attitudes about learning and accomplishing things. I used the questions based on that exercise to acknowledge that the struggle was a journey to the prize. It’s about knowing that you can overcome the pitfall with the right beliefs.

Taking Action

Start by examining your belief pitfalls that you run into when you practice or try to work on something new. Once identified, you need to first, take that negative belief and turn them into positive ones. You are likely to improve your abilities several fold if you get your beliefs in order.

Acknowledge that when you’re stressed with learning that it is part of the process that allows you to overcome the obstacle of resistance and then reinforces your will power to move forward to the next challenge. Get the bull headed attitude that you will keep working at it until you get it.

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