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Renting is a convenient and viable option. Even if you attend more than one trade show per month, the costs of deployment, insurance and frequent replacement make renting plasma flat screen displays a convenient and viable option.

Plasma televisions use many different types of technology that CRT models, they use something called pixels. Using a video signal the pixels on the flat screen light up with a high-energy beam of electrons that are separated into the 3 primary colors, red, green and blue. From the illuminated fluorescent lights pixels, you get the full color spectrum that produces a full range of colors that give you the image on the screen. Each pixel on the screen has three fluorescent lights in it, a green, red and a blue fluorescent light. Each fluorescent light in the pixel can produce 16 million colors, giving you awe-inspiring colors and overall picture quality that you can’t finder in regular CRT televisions.

They have a refresh rate about 1,000 times faster than a traditional LCD, so they will be far superior for video applications. They have fewer parts than LCD or plasma and can be manufactured using a novel ink jet printing process. This promises to keep prices low as the technology is implemented. It is expected to see sub 20″ displays in stores by 2006 with larger units following one to two years later.

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There are two common ways of recording wide format movies on a DVD: letterbox and anamorphic. Letterbox refers to a video played with horizontal black bars on the top and bottom of the picture. Anamorphic recordings are also commonly labeled “Enhanced for 16:9 TVs”. Anamorphic recordings have over 30% more vertical resolution than letterbox format and eliminate or significantly reduce the black bars found in letterbox pictures in order to fit to the screen size of 16:9 televisions.

If you think about this technology on a basic level, each light source is a mini fluorescent light and means that a when you watch a plasma TV you will see a great flicker-less picture that is of high quality. Another thing to note is that this technology also contains sub-pixels and depending on how they are charged, you can see a picture that is of slight redder, greener of bluer color and as said before when they come to together produce millions of pixels. All the information above is the basics of how plasma TV works and shows how a plasma TV is so thin and can produce such clear pictures.

When the first plasma screen televisions came on the market a number of years ago, they were unaffordable by all but the wealthiest individuals and businesses. As with many other forms of technology. However, the passage of time and the improvements in manufacturing methods have led the prices of plasma televisions to fall a great deal, making these great TVs more affordable to a large part of the marketplace.

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