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Gina Glocksen, the third finalist booted out from the American Idol, had discovered that the media is interested more about Sanjaya Malakar than her own experience on the show. Gina Glocksen, however, answered several questions about Sanjaya and, being his friend, she defended him.

When asked if it is difficult for them to know if Sanjaya placed higher among the bottom three? Glocksen said it’s quiet tough the the eight finalists made it and she did not. She also added that Sanjaya Malakar is different, meaning that every finalist is unique in his or her own way. Sanjaya is Sanjaya, Jordin is Jordin, Chris is Chris and Blake is Blake, she explained. But for her, America is done with her and she’s fine with it.

What does Gina think about Sanjaya hanging in the American idol every week? Gina Glocksen said that she is very proud of the boy because he’s still there and comes out every week and gives his all.

Do the American Idol contestants know what is going on outside the show? Glocksen told them that the show is really good at keeping them insulated from the things that are being said about them in order to protect them and not let their performances be affected through the entire week. However, they are free to browse through the Internet, but Sanjaya doesn’t bother with it, much less read what is being said about him. Gina Glocksen doesn’t read what is being said about her as well, and neither do the others.

Gina says Sanjaya doesn’t go to her to ask for hairtsyling tips. Each one does his or her own thing for the competition. She also commented on the ever-changing hair of Sanjaya. It was awesome, she says.

Are there any grumblings or bad feelings about Sanjaya in the group, specially when it seems that Sanjaya is just putting on a show to amuse audience and thus keep him there week after week? Gina Glocksen said that people are pretty fair about what they say in front of people.

Who is the real Sanjaya? Gina Glocksen answered that he is exactly what you seen on TV. Sanjaya doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He only does his things to be proud of himself. She loves Sanjaya for being like that, she adds.

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