Tiesto Music Concert India The Best Thing to Happen to EDM in India

Electronic dance music is riding on an all time high in India and it just got better with the Tiesto Music Concert India. Yes, you saw that right. DJ Tiesto is performing in India.

In the last few years the scene in India has risen to a new level. The country at one point had only a handful of bands that would perform at certain venues. But the last 10 years or so have seen the band count increase by leaps and bounds. Bands such as Indus Creed and Mirage were giants back in the day. Slowly and steadily as the bands grew, so did the venues for performances. Like everywhere else it all started with rock n’ roll in India. With and technology moving forward, newer and more exciting formats and genres of started emerging. The true beauty of music has been explored in so many ways. , after all is made up of 12 notes. How creatively a musician can use these 12 notes defines how good a musician he/she is.

Using these 12 notes as brilliantly as possible is the main task for a musician. Music is growing and it is a never ending process. Artists needs to make sure they keep the crowd entertained and happy. The last few months have been great on the musical front. India has been seeing some splendid artists off late from their own soil. A lot of bands from India are now emerging. Bands such as Sky Harbor, Sky Rabbit and many more have surfaced on the scene. Artists spanning from all sorts of genres are surfacing and spreading like fire across the nation.

Events such as Sunburn (also touted as Asia’s biggest dance festival) and NH7 are introducing new artists to the world of every year. Both these events are highly acclaimed and a lot of people from all over the country every year attend these events.

When we talk about EDM, there are a lot of artists who have performed in India. Artists such as David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Swedish House Mafia and many more have performed in India. The news of DJ Tiesto performing in India is great news and has a lot of dance music fans of India excited. The best part about dance music concerts is the sheer energy that is present all through the performance. The audience is going crazy, they are dancing, singing and what not. With someone like DJ Tiesto performing live the energy will amplify and so will the entire ambiance.

The Tiesto music concert India is happening in March 2013. The show is spread across three days and he is performing in three different cities. The Tiesto music concert India will happen on 29th, 30th, and 31st of March in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi respectively. Though he is performing only in these three cities it is a surety that people from all over India will flock to watch him play live. The Tiesto music concert India is something that every music lover is looking forward to.

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