Where Are Beats For Sale?

So you’re looking for free hip hop beats or hip hop beats for sale huh? Well, I’m going to be honest with you. Anything ‘free’ is not quality. What I have found with a lot of artists is that they don’t understand that artists have to learn to invest in themselves.

No record deal just all of a sudden falls in your lap. Ask some of the top musicians in the world. Maybe a couple out of hundreds had a lucky break where they didn’t have to invest in themselves. But most artists had to put money into their craft whether it be paying for tracks, fliers to promote yourself, studio time, outfits, etc.
There’s no way around it because no one is going to hand it to you. So get out of trying to find ‘free’ beats. If they’re ‘free’, chances are they are not quality beats. So why cut yourself short? This is your career, your life. You have to hustle, grind and work. Whatever you put in, you get in return. So to my fellow looking for a free ride.

I’m equally tired of producers trying to beat your head with a bat with high prices. One thing I find as an advantage is when a producer knows you as an artist and sees you grinding and promoting your music, they want you to have their music because it’s free promotion for them.

They imagine that you are performing their music to a different audience. If the audience loves your music, they’ll ask you about and in return, you tell them who did the beat…which leads to more clients for the producer. So get to know the producer, network with them. Let them know what projects you are working on. Be excited and enthusiastic so they would want to take a part of it. If they believe in you, they will cut you breaks and maybe even give guessed it free hip hop beats! Or if they won’t be free, they may just give you a few hip hop beats for sale. I now have producers that don’t charge me anything and give me free hip hop beats because they know once my songs are complete, they are going straight to the radio which is great promotion for the producer.

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