With Facebook Timeline Digital Music Distribution Helps Promote And Sell Albums

So you want to be a rockstar? Have you been to Facebook? Did you create a Facebook page? If so, is it on Timeline?

Timeline is the latest update for Facebook users. Although it’s not a favorite amongst regular users, music artists and bands alike can take advantage of this. It’s a useful tool for you especially if you’re currently doing digital music distribution that will eventually sell albums. How so? You can customize your artist/band page with Timeline and it ensures maximum exposure. You just need to learn how to create an eye-catching and helpful page especially geared towards your fans.

Here are tips on how to maximize your digital music distribution prowess with Facebook Timeline:

1. Get creative with your Cover Photo.Before, you can’t really show off your best photo on a Facebook page but now you can. Branding starts here. The first thing your eyes land on must have impact; ultimately, solidifying your image. You may use a good-looking photo of the band or a detail of your album cover. Get artistic, it’s allowed.

2. Pin it to be confused with Pinterest, Facebook Timeline has also introduced a similar principle wherein you don’t have to keep on making a new wall post about what’s new with you. Just highlight what you want, whether it’s a single, a music video, or an event that you’re involved in. Everything you want people to know about becomes centralized and easy to see.

3. Highlight.Facebook allows you to highlight anything within your Timeline. Say you want to show a photo of you rehearsing in your basement as high school kids, fans can see that! Consider this page as your personal library documenting your every milestone before you hit it big.

4. See them talk.A cool feature of Facebook Timeline is that you can see not only what your fans are saying about you but other people too! Anyone within your network and friends list can have an opinion about you and it directly goes to your Timeline. You see the involvement of your fans/friends instantly and their experience becomes more special in the process.

5. Administer Admin panel has become an insight-driven place where you can track your Facebook page’s activities. The Admin Panel gives you valuable info such as new notifications, new likes, and even a helpful graph. Click on Build Audience and you can make your Likes grow.

Sell albums efficiently by enhancing your Facebook Timeline experience. To sell albums becomes an exciting project that you can gain greatly from. Good luck!

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